June 10, 2024



About the Division

The administration is responsible to provide administrative support and to expedite the academic activities of BOU that functions in collaboration with schools and divisions. Besides these, the division has to ensure the implementation of the decisions taken by the Board of Governors, Academic Council and other statutory bodies formed under the Act of BOU. The division consists of 9 departments and each has its own responsibilities. The departments are as follows:

  • Registrar’s Office
  • General Administration
  • Council
  • Personnel-1 (Teacher & Officer)
  • Personnel-2 (Staff)
  • Training & Research
  • Procurement
  • Transport &
  • Medical Services

The Vice-Chancellor is the chief executive and academic officer of the university. However, the whole administration is supervised by the Registrar.


The main objective of BOU is to expand all levels of education accessible to all and to transform the country’s vast human resources into efficient manpower by improving the quality of education in general. BOU is maintaining its academic programs through 12 Regional Resource centers, 80 Sub-Regional Centres, about 1500 study centers all over the country and more than twenty thousand tutors are conducting tutorial classes to supplements the learning. At present more than 1500 employees (Teachers, Officers & Staffs) are working in this institution. To run smoothly the institution this division has taken the necessary step to manage, co-ordinate and to control the employee to achieve the ultimate goal. The administrative division is committed to providing all necessary supports to develop the quality that society demands.


  1. Accelerate academic activities of the university throughout the country to reach its target group.
  2. Formulation, Interpretation & execution of general policy and principles of all service matters.
  3. To implement the decision taken by the Board of Governors, Academic Council & other statutory bodies formed under the Act of BOU.
  4. To keep & preserve the service records of the employee.
  5. To issue office order, office memorandum, notice, etc. by the approval of the authority.
  6. To arrange the meeting of the statutory bodies and prepare their minutes and preserve the records.
  7. To ensure the study leave of the teachers and officers.
  8. To communicate with the ministry of education, UGC, local administration & other related organizations.
  9. To ensure the security of the organizations.
  10. To find out the necessary training areas and to make research and training schedules of the employee to develop the skilled manpower of the organizations.
  11. To procure the necessary equipment and goods as per PPR-2008.
  12. To ensure transport facilities for the employees.
  13. To ensure medical facilities for the employees.

Future Plan:

  1. To ensure academic support to the learners through establishing computer lab, library and audio-video programs so that a learner can take the facilities at his own place at any time at his own will.
  2. To make an organogram of the university that will lead up to the year 2025.
  3. To introduce e-governance within the administrative structure.

Officer’s List:

NameDesignationPhone / E-mail
Dr. Md. Shafiqul AlamRegistrar 9291112, 09666730730 Ex.105
Md. Mamun HasanDirector (Administration)9291117, 09666730730 Ex.692
Mustaq AhmedAssistant Regional Director09666730730 Ex.851
Md. Kazi Abu Sayed 
Section Officer09666730730 Ex.569
General Administration
Md. Abdullah-Al-KafiJoint Director09666730730 Ex.694
Md. Jamal Uddin Khan 
Deputy Director09666730730 Ex.
Shahnaj BegumDeputy Director09666730730 Ex.730
MS Noor-E-JannatDeputy Director09666730730 Ex.695
Md. Sidar RahmanAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.697
Muhammad Nikchan MiaAssistant Chief Security Officer09666730730 Ex.
nikchan88000020@ yahoo.com
Taposh Kumar MridhaAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.852
Md. Abdul Karim SarkerAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.854
kamsarkerbou79@gmail. com
Hafez Mawlana Abul Kashem 
Senior Pesh Imam09666730730 Ex.855
Md. Shakhawat Hossain 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.866
Jewel Mia 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.564
Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mamun 
Assistant Pesh Imam09666730730 Ex.856
Sk Sadaqur Rahman 
Section officer09666730730 Ex.567
MS. Nazneen AkhterJoint Director09666730730 Ex.696
Md. Manzurul Islam
Documentation Officer09666730730 Ex.568
Md. Sams- uz- Zaman
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.571
Md. Liton Mia 
Packaging Supplier  
MS Setara BegumDeputy Director09666730730 Ex.700
Habibur Rahman 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.857
Md. Iqbal HossainAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.860
Md. Aman Ullah 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.858
Personnel-1 (Officer)
Md. Mahbubul IslamJoint Director09666730730 Ex.699
Mohammad Abdus SalamDeputy Director09666730730 Ex.702
Muhammad Al-AminAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.863
Md. Shahriar Karim 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.864
Sheikh Ainul Haque 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.865
MS Nazmun Nahar 
Administrative officer09666730730 Ex.869
Md. Ariful Islam
Administrative officer09666730730 Ex.879
Md. Anwar Hossain
Administrative officer09666730730 Ex.565
Nazmus Sakib 
Section Officer09666730730 Ex.570
Md. Aminul HaqueJoint Director09666730730 Ex.698
Md. Najmul AjamAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.878
Md. Nomanur Rahman 
Administrative officer09666730730 Ex.861
Ms. Suraiya Begum 
Administrative officer09666730730 Ex.560
Md. Amdadul Haque 
Administrative officer09666730730 Ex.562
Ms. Nurjahan Begum 
Administrative officer09666730730 Ex.566
Pension Cell
Md. Mahbubul IslamJoint Director (Addi. Charge)09666730730 Ex.699
Md. Tariqul Islam 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.867
MS. Dipty Kana Biswas 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.870
Mohammad Jahidul Islam 
Administrative Office09666730730 Ex.563
S.M Rashidul Hassan 
Administrative Office09666730730 Ex.868
Training and Research
A.K.M. Iftekhar KhalidJoint Director09666730730 Ex.708
MS Khondkar Shabiha AkhterAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.871
Mohammad Ashraful Alam BhuiyanAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.872
Md. Mahbubul Islam Joint Director (Addi. Charge)09666730730 Ex.704, 699
Mohammed Salauddin BhuiyanDeputy Director09666730730 Ex.705
Md.Anis MollahDeputy Director09666730730 Ex.706
A.N.M. Shahidul HuqDeputy Director09666730730 Ex.707
Md. Hummayun Kabir 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.862
MS Khondker Suraiya Akhter 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.873
A.K.M.Mostafa Zaman 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.874
Medical Section
DR. F.M. Marzanul Haque ChowdhuryChief Medical Officer9291131
DR.Md. Shamim Reza Siddique 
Deputy Medical Officer09666730730 Ex.711
DR. Farzana Alam
Medical Officer09666730730 Ex.875
MS Amina Khatun 
Nurse09666730730 Ex.172
Tomalika Mojumdar 
Nurse09666730730 Ex.
Transport Unit
Md. Mezbah UddinJoint Director09666730730 Ex.709
S. M. Kamrul Ahsan 
Joint Director01911533949
Enamul IslamAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.876
Parimal Kumar Saha 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.877
Md. Eunus AliAdministrative Officer09666730730 Ex.171 
Md. Amirul Islam 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.561
Research Degree Unit
Sheikh Rezaul IslamDeputy Director09666730730 Ex.198


Dr. Md. Shafiqul Alam
Bangladesh Open University
Board Bazar, Gazipur-1705, Bangladesh
Phone: 88-02-9291112, 09666730730 Ex.105
Fax: 88-02-9291130