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Chittagong Regional Center

Chittagong Regional Center

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Welcome to tourist city Chittagong and its glittering beauty Regional Resources Centre (RRC) of Bangladesh Open University (BOU). Since long it has been imparting education in this area through ODL system with good image. At present as many as 55 thousand learners, those who were somehow dropped from education throughfare have been getting opportunity to enlighten themselves. They are enrolled with its sixteen formal programs and studing in 128 study centers those are situated in Chittagong and its adjoining District areas. Most of the learners of this RRC are studing in BOU’s SSC, HSC, BA, BSS, CMBA, MBA, B Ed, M Ed programs. Rest of the learners are studying in BAgEd, CEd, BBA, BBS, PGDM, DCSA, CPFP & CEMPA programs. Apart from these, newly introduced NICHE-01 program specially design for the Army, Navy & Air Forces new recruits has been given new dimension in BOU’s Ctg RRC education.

The RRC has four Sub-Regional offices as Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Khagrachari and Bandarban by which the office gets a strong educational potentiality. Every office of Chittagong RRC has been imparting logistic supports to its learners spontaneously and without any delay.

Chittagong is a city which is enriched with bounty of nature. Hills & Sea beach give the city a spectacular beauty. Among 12, this RRC also is being exposed by this way. Meanwhile, per excellence this RRC office now appears before its stakeholders as a blissful organization. Not only formal but since long this office has also been awarding people through its existing non-formal educational programs.

Chittagong RRC office is located at central Railway Building (CRB) area which is very scenic. This office is only 20 km away from Bay of Bengal’s sea shore. Besides, a good number of nice hills give this city an additional attraction.

Different activities of Chittagong Regional Center

Sub-Regional Centers:

02Cox’s Bazar0341-6350777

Program wise study center’s list with their code:

SSC Program: 

RRC/SRC NameSl #Study Center NameStudy Centre Code
Chittagong01.Lohagara Shahpir Pilot High School, Lohagara, Ctg.751
02.Fatikchari Girls Pilto High School, Fatikchari, Ctg.752
03.Patiya Model High School, Patiya, Ctg.754
04.Ziri Khalil-Mir Ideal High School, Ziri, Patiya, Ctg.756
05.Rahamatpur High School, Sandwip, Ctg.762
06.Mirzapur High School, Hathazari, Ctg.763
07.Patenga High School, Patenga, Ctg.764
08.Sermon School & College, Panchlaish, Ctg.774
09.Baluardighi City Corporation Girls High School, Ctg776
10.South West Bakalia High School, Chawkbazar, Ctg.779
11.Satkania High School, Satkania, Ctg.780
12.Sanowara High School, Chandgaon, Ctg.788
13.Alhaj Tajul Islam High School, East Sholoshahar, Chandgaon, Ctg.795
14.Uttar Gomdandi High School, Boalkhali, Ctg.796
15.Kalipur Azharul Hoque High School, Banshkhali, Ctg.891
16.Sleh Zahur City Corporation High School, Kotowali, Ctg.892
17.Sitakundu Govt. High Schoo, Sitakunu, Ctg.893
18.Fatehpur Multileteral High School, Madanhat, Hathazari, Ctg.894
19.Kattali Nurul Hoque High School, Cornel Hat, Pahartali, Ctg.895
20.Yakub Ali Dobash Girls High School, Firingee Bazar, Ctg.897
21.Halishahar Begumjun High School, Bandar, Ctg.899
22.Chittagong Govt. High School, Kotowali, Ctg.910
23.Railway Public School, Pologround, Ctg.911
24.Muhammad Kamal Uddin High School, Chandgaon, Ctg912
25.Forhadabad High School, Hathazari, Ctg.913
26.Gul-E-Zar Begum City Corporation Muslim Girls High School, Kotowali, Ctg.915
27.Fouzderhat K.M. High School, Sitakund, Ctg.916
28.Dhumghat Haji Chand Meah High School, Mirsarai, Ctg.917
29.Govt. Muslim High School Kotwali, Ctg.918
30.Fatehabad Multileteral High School, Hathazari, Ctg.919
Co’xsbazar31.Saint Martin. B.N.High School, Cox’s Bazar010
32.Teknaf Pilot High School, Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar276
33.Cox’s Bazar Govt, High School771
34.Chokaria Govt, High School772
35.Eidgah Model High School773
36.Cox’sbazar Government Girls High School777
37.Ukhia Multilateral High School789
38.Md. Elias Mia Chowdhury, High School, Cox’s Bazar790
Khagrachari39.Panchari Bazar High School654
40.Mahalchari Pilot High School765
41.Rani Nehar Devi High School, Manikchari, Khagrachari766
42.Deginala Gov. High School767
43.Matiranga Pilot  High School781
44.Kamalchari Pilot High School782
45.Khagrachari Collegiate High School785
46.Laxmichari Pilot High School786
47.Ramgar Girls High School787
Rangamati48.Bangal Halia High School, Rangamati647
49.Shijak Mukh High School, Bagaichari, Rangamati758
50.Langadu Girls High School, Rangamati768
51.Kaptai  High School792
52.Shapchari High School798
53.Vedvedee Poura High School799
Bandarban54.Lama Govt. High Schoo, Lama, Bandarban.801
55.Bandarban Govt. High School, Bandarban.802
56.Ruma Govt. High Schoo, Ruma, Bandran.803
57.Roangchari Govt. High School, Roangchari, Bandarban.804

HSC Program: 

RRC/SRC NameSl #Study Center NameStudy Centre Code
Chittagong01.Pashchim Patiya A. J Chowdhury College, Po-Sikalbaha, Patiya, Ctg.750
02.Hajera Taju Degree College, Chandgaon, Ctg.752
03.Chittagong College, Ctg.754
04.Hathazari College, Ctg.891
05.Govt. City College, Ctg.893
06.Kuaish Burishchar Sk Md. City Corporation Degree College, Ctg.894
07.Govt. Commerce College, Ctg.895
08.Baroiyar Hat College, Hinguly, Mirsharai, Ctg.896
09.Bijoy Swarani Degree College, Vhatiary, Sitakund, Ctg.897
10.Govt. Haji Md. Mohshin College, Ctg.898
11.Barrister Sultan Ahmed Chowdhury Degree College, South Halishahar, Bandar, Ctg.901
12.Banskhali Degree College, Ctg, Po-Gunagori, Banskhali, Ctg903
13.Chittagong Govt. Mohila College, Nasirabad, Ctg.904
14.South Sandwip College, Shiberhat, Sandwip, Ctg.906
15.Katirhat Mohila Degree College, Hathazari, Ctg.910
16.Rangunia College, Rangunia Ctg.913
Co’xsbazar17.Cox’s Bazar Govt. College, Cox’s Bazar771
18.Cox’s Bazar City College773
19.Chakaria Degree College907
Khagrachari20.Khagrachari Cantanment  Public School & College761
21.Matiranga Degree College780
22.Khagrachari Government College782
23.Diginala Degree College756
Rangamati24.Shijak College757
25.Rabita Model College764
26.Rangamati Govt. Women College792
Bandarban27.Matamuhuri Degree College, Lama, Bandarban.758
28.Bandarban Govt. Mohila College, Bandarban.799
29.Bandarban Govt. College, Bandarban.800
30.Bandarban Cantonment Public School & College Bandarban.760

BA/BSS Program:

RRC/SRC NameSl #Study Center NameStudy Centre Code
Chittagong01.Hajera Taju College, Ctg.775
02.Govt. City College, Ctg.893
03.Govt. Haji Md. Mohshin College, Ctg.894
04.Hathazari, Ctg.895
05.Barrister Sultan Ahmed Chowdhury Degree College, South Halishahar, Bandar, Ctg.896
06.Chittagong College, Ctg.898
07.Baroiyar Hat College, Hinguly, Mirsarai, Ctg.897
08.Rangunia College, Ctg.913
09.Patiya Govt. College, Patiya, Ctg.749
Co’xsbazar10.Cox’s Bazar Govt. College Cox’s Bazar774
Khagrachari11.Khagrachari Government College780
12.Matiranga Degree College781
13.Diginala Degree College756
Rangamati14.Shijak College757
15.Rangamati Govt. College790
Bandarban16.Matamuhuri Degree College, Lama, Bandrban.758
17.Bandarban Govt. College, Bandarban.800
18.Bandarban Govt. Mohila College, Bandarban.801

 Other Programs:

RRC/SRC NameProgram NameSl. #Study Center NameStudy Centre Code
ChittagongBA/BSS Hon’s01.Govt. Haji Md. Mohshin College. Ctg.89
CEMBA02.RRC, Chittagong.890
MBA03.RRC, Chittagong.892
BBA04.Govt. City College, Ctg.893
PGDM/CIM05.Govt. Haji Md. Mohshin College. Ctg.892
DCSA06.International Islamic University Ctg (Iiuc).890
07.Chittagong University Of Engineering & Technology (Cuet)891
M.Ed08.Teachers Training College, Ctg.890
B.Ed09.Teachers Training College, Ctg.05
C.Ed10.P.T.I, Ctg890
B.Ag.Ed11.Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University890
BBS12.Govt. Haji Md. Mohshin College. Ctg.
13.Govt. City College, Ctg.
Co’xsbazarCPFP14.Youth Training Centre, Cox’s Bazar775

Regional Resource Centre, Chittagong
Bangladesh Open University
C R B Road (Adjacent ot Chittagong Stadium) Kotwali, Chittagong.

Regional Director
Phone: 031-619633E-mail: rrcchitt@bou.edu.bd