June 10, 2024

Student Support Services

Student Support Services

About the Division

SSS Division involves in to support as a whole to mitigate the problems of the student. To look after the activities of Regional Resources Centres (RRC), & CO offices also. Overall supervision of field activities in accordance with local coordination.  


The mission of SSS division is to provide education to dropout students of Bangladesh at an affordable cost. Keeping in view the challenge of the twenty-first century. And this mission will be achieved by imparting class education, distance education services and providing facilities so that student can attain their intellectual social & professional potentials.

BOU is committed to develop human capital by cultivating creative things in individuals SSS Division Co-ordinate all these activities to achieve mission successful.     


Responsibilities of SSS Division are given below:  i) Send study material; ii) Appointment of Tutors; iii) Appointment of Co-ordinators; iv) Verification of certificate; v) Study center change; vi) Open new study centre; vii) Approval of section; viii) Various tour program approval; ix) Many other administrative activities & approval taken by the higher authority.  

Activities of Region Section

1.    Inspection, Supervision and monitoring of RRC, CO, SC;
2.    Assistance for selecting and organizing study center;
3.    Preparation of Budget for approval;
4.    Appointment of study centers Co-ordinators and tutors;
5.    Co-ordination with six schools and twelve divisions;
6.    Arrangement of work-shop, seminar meeting etc;
7.    Promotional activities for BOU’s programs;
8.    Preparation of annual report, paper, documents etc.

Activities of Admission Section

1.    Formulation of admission policy and its implementation;
2.    Advertisement for admission of BOU programs;
3.    Students admission and registration;
4.    Requisition of admission form, registration card, study materials, books etc;
5.    Opening of Bank accounts and reconciliation;
6.    Supervision & monitoring of study materials, audio-video cassette etc;
7.    Co-ordination & liaison with schools, divisions of BOU;
8.    Collection of Students information regarding admission, registration etc;
9.    Transfer of SC for BOU students;
10.  Admission’s Audit;
11.  Preparations of an annual report, papers, documents etc;

Current Activities

SSS Division has been rendering its services to following 24 formal programs:

1. SSC2. HSC3. BBS4. BA/BSS5. Four years Bachelor (Hon’s)6. BELT7. CELP8. CALPCLP10. CPFP11. BAgEd12. DYDW13. CEd14. BEd15. MEd16. PGDM/CIM17. BBA18. MBA19. CEMBA/CEMPA20. DCSA21. BSc-in-Nursing
  1. Approval of a new center of various programs
  2. Approval of various tutor/co-ordinator of ongoing programs
  3. To give permission of paper ad (including advertisement)
  4. To take necessary action against any lawful /damage or adverse activities against BOU program. 

Student Guidance and Counseling Office
It has been counseling learners regarding related information on pre-admission, admission, course fee, registration, study materials, examinations etc.

Interfaces Between student support services and other Divisions and schools

sss diagram

Future Plan

i) To digitize the admission system; ii) To get connected by internet twelve RRC’s; iii) To get information & developed an online system for BOU student; iv) Cover the country on line; v) E-book system will be introduced to facilitate study.

Officer’s List

NameDesignationPhone/ E-mail
Dr. A H M Anisur Rahman AkhandDirector 9291113,09666730730 Ex.778
Md. Rowshon Ali 
Regional Director 09666730730 Ex.
MS Dil AfrozaJoint Director09666730730 Ex.779
MS Sangita MorshedJoint Director & In Charge, IAPW09666730730 Ex.780
Md. Ashraful Islam 
Joint Director09666730730 Ex.503
Md. Abdul KarimJoint Director 09666730730 Ex.781
Md. Shohidul IslamDeputy Director 09666730730 Ex.782
Mir Md. Jahangir Hossain 
Deputy Director09666730730 Ex.783
Ms. Sams Jerin Nipa 
Deputy Director09666730730 Ex.784
Ms. Salma Afroz 
Deputy Director09666730730 Ex.785
Most. Ferdusi Begum 
Deputy Director09666730730 Ex.786
Ms. Shayok LohaniAssistant Regional Director09666730730 Ex.
MS Jahanara Begum 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.504
Md. Shaheed Ibrahim Mostazir 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.505
Md. Abu Syed 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.506
MS Naima Begum 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.507
Mohammad Rashed Al Mahmud 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.508
AKM Fazlul Haque 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.509
AHF Mizanur Rahman 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.510
MS Peara Begum 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.511
Md. Manjur Morshed 
Co-ordinating Officer09666730730 Ex.513
Md. Mynul Islam 
Co-ordinating Officer09666730730 Ex.512
Md. Maminur RahmanCo-ordinating Officer09666730730 Ex.
Zakariya Ahmed 
Co-ordinating Officer09666730730 Ex.
Ms. Farida ParvinAdministrative Officer09666730730 Ex.
Student Guidance & Counselling Office
MS. Nilofar Jahan 
Joint Director 09666730730 Ex.193
MS Nazmun Nahar Tipu 
Deputy Regional Director09666730730 Ex.787

Contact Address:

Dr. A H M Anisur Rahman Akhand
Contact No: 02-9291113
E-mail: dirsss@bou.edu.bd
Boardbazar, Gazipur-1705.